Ivone Gebara : Earth Day 2020

Ivone Gebara : Earth Day 2020

In celebration of Earth Day, we are featuring Ivone Gebara: an ecofeminist, Catholic nun and activist we should all know!

Ecofeminism: a branch of theology that explores the relationship between women and the earth in the context of environmentalism, highlighting issues of creation-justice and God’s work of renewal in the world.

Ivone Gebara: A Brazilian Catholic nun, philosopher, and feminist theologian recognized by her amazing work as a pioneer in ecofeminism and liberation theology. She currently lives in Camaragibe, Brazil and has commited her life to study, writing and teaching, changing the lives of the poor whose lives have been marginalized by unjust economic structures.  

Ivone has been praised for her contributions to the church although she was once ordered to two years of forced silence by the Vatican after taking a stance for favoring the decriminalization of abortion. During this time she received her second doctorate and wrote a book addressing evil. She is the author of over 30 books and published articles. Notable among them are:

Longing for Running Water: Ecofeminism and Liberation (1999)
Out of the Depths: Women’s Experience of Evil and Salvation (2002)
Mary, Mother of God, Mother of the Poor (2004)