Know Your Mothers is a project that seeks to unearth the buried stories of Christian women who have been ignored for too long.

The Know Your Mothers Project mission

Know Your Mothers is dedicated to uncovering the buried stories of Christian women over the centuries whose stories reveal to us encouragement and fresh insights. These women show us the importance of fearless female leadership critical for women’s equality in the church today.

The art...

The art is a significant part of this project and seeks to honor these women in a visually dynamic way. Inspired by the icons which are venerated in Eastern Orthodox and the Catholic church traditions, these “modern icons” hope to aid in elevating these women to a place of honor as a part of worship.

Why these women are so important

As we look back into the past we remember that we are not new to this journey as a Christian people. The way that we understand things today is not the only way that Christian life has been and it is still not the only way to live a faithful life. The mothers of the Christian faith remind us of this diversity, and we can see their impact as they have led courageously, leaving their imprints on the world, our mothers of the faith revealing to us a more vibrant understanding of God.

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I’m Cara, the creator of Know Your Mothers. I recieved my Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2019. I'm an ex-advertising creative, illustrator/designer, a wife and mother of four kids ages 11, 9, 6 and 2. I currently serve as the Executive Pastor at Pacific City Church in Santa Monica, California.

As you read through these stories and view these portraits, I hope you find encouragement and inspiration. I expect these stories will challenge you at times, but I hope you sense the liberation that you are invited into, either for yourself or for those women in your life that you love.

Feel free to reach out to me at the email below with questions/comments, or if you’d like additional resources!

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